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Generator Control System
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HGM6410 Genset Controller

  • Product Brand:ETONE / Smartgen
  • Product Model:HGM6410
  • Product Description:

Product Description

HGM6400 Series generator controller integrating digital, intelligent and network techniques is used for automatic control system of diesel generator. It can carry out functions including automatic start/stop, data measure and alarming. The controller uses LCD display, optional Chinese and English display interface with operation easy and reliable.

HGM6400 Series generator controller uses micro-processing technique which can carry out precision measure, constant value adjustment, timing and threshold setting and etc. of multi-parameters. It can be widely used in all types of generator automatic control system for compact structure, advanced circuits, simple connections and high reliability.

HGM6400 Series generator controller have a port of SAE J1939. It can connect engine that possess J1939 ECU.



« HGM6400 controller has two types:

HGM6410: ASM (Automatic Start Module)

HGM6420: AMF (Automatic Mains Failure Module)

« Using microprocessor as a core, graphics LCD with big screen and backlight,display between Chinese and English, key touch for operation.

« Configurable single phase 2 wires or three phase 3 wires or three phase 4 wires AC system input;

« Control protection: Automatic start/stop, load transfer and alarming of generator;

« Parameters setting: Allow user to modify setting and store them inside internal FLASH memory, the parameters can not be lost even with power down.

« Five channel analog inputs, may joint with Resistive-type temperature/pressure/fuel level sensors, Several temperature and pressure sensors can be used directly (ie. VDO, DATCON, CUMMINS), also may select “userdefined” sensor via entering 16 point curves;

« Functions including RTC(real time clock) and hours count;

« Display of generator cumulated electric energy;

« Security password-protected programming levels.

«Several crank success conditions are optional;

« Built-in speed/frequency detecting units can accurately judge the states such as crank success and over speed;

« 99 historical records can be stored circularly and inquiring of the records can be made on site;

« Power supply range is wide, accommodating to different starting battery voltage environments;

« All parameters use digital modulation, abandoning analog modulation using conventional electronic potentiometer, reliability and stability are increased;

« Built-in watch dog can never be dead halt, ensuring smooth program execution;

« Modular configuration design, inserted type connection terminals, flush type installation, compact structure, easy installation.


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