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Generator Control System
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HGM72 Genset Controller

  • Product Brand:ETONE / Smartgen
  • Product Model:HGM72
  • Product Description:

Product Description

The Model HGM72 is an Automatic Engine Control Module. The module is used to automatically start and stop the engine, indicating the operational status and fault conditions, automatically shutting down the engine and indicating the engine failure by LED on the front panel.



  1. Micro-processor based design;
  2. Power supply range is wide, accommodating to different starting battery voltage environments;
  3. Multiple alarm
  4. Supply charge excitation
  5. Supply idle control
  6. Speed depend on frequency of generator
  7. 12 LEDs display the status;
  8. Operational timers can be altered by PC;
  9. Built-in watch dog can never be dead halt, ensuring smooth program execution;
  10. Modular configuration design, inserted type connection terminals, flush type installation, compact structure, easy installation.


  1. DC supply: 8 to 35V(1.5VA)
  2. AC input:AC30~300V(+20%) 50/60Hz
  3. Three input: connect to (B-) is active
  4. Operating Temperature Range:-30 to +70°C
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