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Mwm Powered Gas Generator Set (500KVA-5375KVA)

  • Product Brand:ETONE / Perkins
  • Product Model:
  • Product Description:Model NO.: 500KVA-5375KVA

Product Description

Additional Info.

Trademark: As your requirement 
Packing: Carton Box 
Standard: 500KVA-5375KVA 
Origin: China 
HS Code: 8502110000 
Production Capacity: 50 Units/Month 

Product Description

Mwm Powered Gas Generator Set: 
Gas type: Natural gas, biogas, CBM etc. 
Gas Generator Set Features: 
1. There should not contain liquid water or particulate matter(impurity <5um) 
2. Gas calorific value ≥ 5000kca1/1, genset power will reduce when calorific value <5000kca1/1. 
3. Sulfide content not more than 250mg/m3 , Gas should be desulfided when sulfide content surpass fixed content. (marks: Engine will be easy to be destroied when sulfide content goes too high. 
4. Electronic air/gas mixer, which can supply best air fuel ratio to improve working efficiency and reduce Nox emision. Special regulation system is used to gas of mathane content above 30%. 
5. Ignition system: High-precision Altronic ignition system imported from US prolongs engine's working life and improve the stability. 
6. Long overhual period: 18000-25000 hours 
7. Automatic smart control system, easy to handle. Duing the working time, genset processing automatic troubles testing. 
8. Genset is approved by CE, ISO9001, 2008, 14001, 2004, 2007 and OHSAS18001.

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