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The related generator technology information

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This article should be the needs of our customers as well as technicians, we provide the generator related technical information, technical information in the first part of this article, I will introduce, late will also introduce a series of generator technology.
1, two generating units and machine conditions? What device and machine work?
A: The condition is the same as the two machines instantaneous voltage, frequency, phase and machine use. Commonly known as the "three simultaneous". Dedicated and machine device and machine work. Generally recommend using automatic and cabinets. As far as possible without manual and machine. Manually and the machine's success or failure depends on the human experience. The author is ventured boasted 20 years of experience in electrical work, diesel generator manual and machine reliable success rate is equal to 0. Must not be available to the regional radio and TV power supply system to apply the concept of small power systems, because the level of protection of the two completely different manual and machine.

2, three-phase generator power factor is how much? In order to improve the power factor power compensator can be added to it?
A: The power factor of 0.8. No, because the capacitor charge and discharge will result in a small power fluctuations. And crew oscillation.

3, why we ask customers to an all electrical contacts fastening unit after every 200 hours of operation?
A: The diesel generator set is a vibration work. Moreover, many of the domestic production or assembly of units of the double nut useless. The spring gasket useless once the electrical fasteners lax, will produce a great deal of contact resistance, resulting in abnormal plant operation.

, Why the generator room must be clean ground quicksand?

A: The diesel engine if inhaled dirty air causes the power down; generator inhalation of sand and other impurities make given the the rotor gap between the dielectric breakdown, in serious cases resulted in the burning.
5, why since 2002, I generally do not recommend using neutral grounding installation?
A: 1) a new generation of generator self-regulation function greatly enhanced;
2) practice found that the high failure rate of neutral grounding units lightning.
3) ground higher quality requirements, the average user can not be done. The unsafe working ground is not as good as ungrounded.
4) neutral grounding unit will cover up the load leakage fault and ground fault, and these failures and errors in the case of regional radio and TV current supply can not be exposed.

Isolated neutral unit, should pay attention to what the problem?

A: 0 lines may be charged, can not be eliminated because the capacitor voltage in the line of fire between the neutral point. The operator must depend on the 0 line is electrified. Not mains habits processing.

UPS and diesel generator how power facilities, to ensure the stability of the UPS output?
A: 1) UPS generally with apparent power KVA first converted into the unit KW generator active power multiplied by 0.8.
2) If the general generator by UPS active power multiplied by 2 to determine with generator power, generator power for UPS power twice.
3) with PMG (permanent magnet excitation) generator by UPS power is multiplied by 1.2 to determine the generator power, that is 1.2 times the power of the UPS power generator.

8, marked withstand voltage 500V electronic or electrical components, can be used in diesel generator control cabinet?
A: No. 400/230V voltage marked on the diesel generator set for the effective voltage. Its peak voltage is 1.414 times of the effective voltage. Diesel generator peak voltage Umax = 566/325V.

9, all diesel generator sets with self-protection function?
Answer: no. Currently on the market even As for the units of the same brand, some with and some without. Users must purchase units clear. The best written material as an annex to the contract. The generally low-cost machines are not with self-protection function.

10, how to identify counterfeit and shoddy domestic diesel engine?
A: The first check whether or factory certification and product certificate, they are diesel engine factory "identity" is a must have. Then check the certificate three No. 1) the nameplate Number; pump nameplate No. 2) the serial number generally processed at the flywheel end mechanical cutting plane (physical the font convex body); 3). The actual ID check on this the three ID with diesel engine, must be accurate. If there is doubt these three Numbers reported factory verification.
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