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The course of development of the variable frequency power supply

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Variable frequency power supply in the country called, more accurately should be called AC power frequency converter, ie the Ac power Frequency Converter, generally with abbreviations AFC to call. Variable frequency power supply of the entire history of the development of basic With the development of electronic devices development.
Around the 1980s, electronic variable frequency power supply more than a small instrument power main such instrument power production use of the zoom lens, introduced to the Chinese mainland by Taiwan in the 1980s. The period of power: power, good accuracy, and low efficiency.
In the 1980s, mainland China embarked on the road of reform and opening up, at this stage, mainland China's import and export of equipment gradually increased, especially representative of microwave ovens and air-conditioning appliances increase in the share of exports, and therefore demand for high-power variable frequency power supply for testing. Original product power can not meet demand for the part of the market applications, therefore, the power supply manufacturers to seek new technology to expand the power of the power. According to the technical conditions and electronic devices, mainly to the development of two roads, on the one hand, to maintain the same crystal-parallel multi-machine expansion; Another way is to use the power transistor module.
Crystal multi-level series, you need to solve the circulation problem, but also the low efficiency in the process of industrial production, consumption too big; reaction slow, limited power, low operating voltage, voltage around 600V power transistor module inverter output PAM filtering (for unilateral the wave low times filtering), the output waveform distortion. Are two ways to produce power products power still can not meet the growing demand for high-power load need frequency conversion test, the use of a drag after the motor generator (M + G) to meet.
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