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UPS solve what power interference problem?

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A power outage protection --- moment power outage immediately by UPS battery DC power supply converts AC continue to supply.
High and low voltage protection --- one city, built-in voltage regulator (AVR) UPS will make the appropriate adjustments, mains voltage remains in the range of the voltage is too high or too low if the voltage is too low or too high, more than can be used UPS to convert the battery DC power into AC continue to supply power to protect user equipment.
Waveform distortion processing --- one sent to the client, the use of a variety of machinery and equipment due to power through the transmission and distribution lines, often resulting in a distortion of the mains voltage waveform, waveform distortion will produce harmonic interference device and make electricity The system transformer temperature increase, the general requirements for the distortion rate <5% and the the general UPS design THD <3%.
4 frequency stability --- a mains frequency is divided into the 50Hz/60Hz two kinds, the so-called frequency changes every second cycle, 50Hz or 50 per week, Taiwan mains frequency is 60Hz, the mainland is 50Hz power generation client machine running by sudden changes in electricity consumption caused by the speed of the changes will make the conversion from power frequency drift uncertainty, UPS power conversion provides a stable frequency.
Voltage stability --- a mains voltage vulnerable to the impact of the power transmission line quality, higher closer to the user from the substation voltage of about 130 ~~ 120V, not far from the substation low voltage users about 100 ~ 90V, the voltage is too high or too low will make the user device shrinking life seriously when burned equipment, online UPSprovides stable voltage power supply, the voltage variation is less than 2V, prolong equipment life and protection equipment.
6. Suppress the transverse mode noise --- a transverse mode noise generated between the firing line and the neutral line.
7. Suppress common mode noise --- the common-mode noise in FireWire / neutral line and the ground between.
Surge Protection --- General UPS will install a surge absorber designed to absorb surges to protect user equipment or point discharge.
9. Instantaneous response protection --- mains disturbance sometimes to cause voltage protruding or subsidence or instant voltage drop online UPS provides stable voltage, voltage variation less than 2V, prolong equipment life, and protect the equipment.
10. Monitor power --- with intelligent communication interface of the UPS monitoring software can record outage time and frequency of the mains voltage and frequency to achieve power monitoring can arrange UPS timer switch timetable to energy conservation
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