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Cummings diesel engine idling fault diagnosis and processing

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Cummings diesel engine idling fault diagnosis and treatment of engine idle speed, a general expression for the throttle at the idle position on the flameout, when the throttle a little big, speed and soon to rise, not under low speed stability.

The engine idle speed causes

①governor idling spring too soft or break.

The governor sensing element excessive wear.

The fuel injection pump plunger wear.

The temperature is too low.

The cylinder pressure is too low.

The engine idle speed of the diagnosis and treatment method

①cold start no idle, the general is a normal phenomenon. This is due to low temperature, the oil viscosity is too large, so that the engine internal resistance increases, the diesel fuel spray, evaporation conditions deteriorate, resulting in engine can not maintain minimum stable speed operation, when the throttle is lifted up, then quickly flameout. In this case, the throttle to slightly higher than the idle running, the engine temperature, to recover idle.

②if engine used for a long time, without the idle condition, and with insufficient power, fuel consumption is not normal, generally due to plunger wear too much, idle leakage oil quantity increases, the supply is unable to meet the requirements of idle speed; or the cylinder pressure is too low, the injection advance angle is too large, too small, so that the engine combustion condition difference the. According to the shortage of power failures, the idle condition will naturally return.

③if above normal, consideration should be given to governor idle work element abnormity. Check the governor spring is broken, or control element wear too much or too soft to spring, the fly hammer at idle speed centrifugal force is much greater than the spring tension and reducing the oil, or repair personnel improperly adjusted. To remove the fuel pump assembly in a test bench to repair adjustment.

Check the governor, first through the idle adjusting screw, if the adjustment is invalid, then the idling spring preload tension adjustment. The idle spring adjustment nut to squeeze or on a spring seat pad, the preload increases, increased idle speed. If the spring break, should be replaced after the adjustment, so as to restore the idle work performance.

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