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Outdoor 3D Open Ventilated Dry-type Transformer

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Outdoor 3D Open Ventilated Dry-type Transformer

Scope of application:
Open ventilated 3D wound core dry-type transformers with capacity from 30kVA to 12500kVA, and voltage of 10kV and below
1.Can be directly used in outdoor places, strong compatibility and interchangeability, can replace the oil-immersed transformers.
2.Anti-fire & anti-explosion, anti-moisture & pollution resistance, sound level can be less than 45dB (can be as low as 38dB), high insulation class,strong overload capability, strong ability to withstand short-circuit, strong climate resistance, low no-load loss and load loss, low no-load current, low periphery electromagnetic field strength, anti-fake and simple maintenance.
SGB-RL·HW-NX1 series open ventilated 3D wound core dry-type transformer

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