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High-voltage Cabinet
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Fully Environmental Gas-insulated Switchgear Cabinet HHB

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1) Use environmentally friendly gas as arc extinguishing and insulating medium.

2) Fully sealed and insulated. The busbars, switches and live parts are completely enclosed in the stainless cabinet. The whole is filled with environmental protection gas, of which the protection degree is IP67. The whole switchgear unit is completely free from the external environment, so the switch can also be operated normally even in the extreme case of short-term flooding.

3) With complete "five-preventions" instrumented device to prevent personnel damage and equipment operation failures caused by human error.

4) With a safe pressure relief channel that guarantees the operator's personal safety even under extreme conditions.

5) Two types: fixed unit combination and expansion unit combination.

6) Usually incoming or outgoing in the front of the cabinet, or at the side or expand at the side of the cabinet according to different installation positions.

7) Cabinet size is small and easy to install, which is suitable for places with small space and poor environmental conditions.

8) Can be equipped with electric, remote control and detection devices according to different needs of users.

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