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Purification method diesel generator

The diesel generator hydrocarbon mixed uneven, the fuel is not completely burned, resulting in the decomposition of carbon-based particles. , Compared with gasoline, diesel generator, a high excess air ratio and the local high temperature combustion, resulting in a large amount of nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbons (HC) emissions than gasoline much lower, the fuel economy is also very good. It can be seen, to optimize the emissions performance of diesel generators, mainly to solve how to reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate.

          Diesel generator in the midterm of slow burning maximum combustion temperature, directly affecting the generation amount of nitrogen oxides (NOx). Slow burn at the same time period, if the engine is still the fuel injection and spray to the high temperature exhaust gas area, or the mixture is too thick will lead to hypoxia and generate particles.

         For diesel generator purification angle from inside the machine, by adjusting the relationship between the maximum temperature and fuel concentration, to reduce the formation of nitrogen oxides (NOx). Can use the multi-valve technology, turbocharged and intercooled technology to control the fuel injection rate and exhaust gas recirculation. By adjusting the stream of fuel injection or tissue, rapid and complete combustion of the fuel, and to reduce the generation of particles. Exhaust gas turbocharger technology can be used to improve the injection pressure, improved combustion chamber structure to reduce oil consumption, use of low sulfur fuel to control injection process and adjust the amount of fuel.