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Diesel the generator piston rod group assembly points

Five Keys to diesel the generator piston rod group assembly

1 Pressure mounted rod copper sleeve. Install copper rod sets best press, but also with the vise, should not be too hard with a hammer; copper sleeve hole or sump with oil holes on the connecting rod to be positive, in order to ensure its lubrication.

2 The assembly of the piston and connecting rod. Piston and connecting rod assembly, you should pay attention to their relative position and orientation.

3 Clever loaded piston pin. Piston pin and pin hole for the interference fit. First install the piston on the water or oil are
Uniformly heated to 90 íŠ ~ 100 íŠ, after removing the trolley on the appropriate position between the piston pin hole, and then coated with oil piston pin loaded piston pin bore and connecting rod copper sleeve in accordance with the established direction

4 The installation of a piston ring. Install piston rings, pay attention to the location and sequence of each ring.

5 Mount the rod group.