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"Filter" replacement should wash diesel life will increase

Reasonable care and maintenance of diesel generator sets diesel generator sets will directly affect the life of the related situation, so we must keep.
      Three filter "is commonly referred to as the fuel filter, air filter and oil filter, engine maintenance in Paul II project, the first one is the replacement of three filter, the aim is of course to clean oil and fuel, so as to protect the engine normal operation.

        If the owners insist on no change "filter" the power of the car more or less will be affected. Such as fuel filters, gasoline filter is not good, it may cause nozzle clogging. Then the owners will spend more costs for the cleaning of the nozzle. If the oil is dirty, the situation is very bad. Not only because the role of the oil lubrication, cleaning, cooling, reduce noise, sealing, etc. It also has role.