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ATS automatically switch the generator set and the general and car comparison

ATS is mainly used to automatically switch between the main and emergency power, since the launch of the diesel generator sets together make up the automatic emergency power supply system, main power after a power failure the emergency lighting, security, power, and fire-fighting equipment loadswitch to generator sets, power facilities, hospitals, banks, telecommunications, airports, stations, hotels and factories and enterprises emergency power power and fire power indispensable.
         And machine system is designed for parallel operation of the diesel generator set design, manufacture dedicated device. Applicable to 2 sets and above with electronic speed parallel operation of diesel generator sets (diesel generator sets for the mechanical governor you need to install the electronic governor). Remote start generator sets, automatic machine, automatically assigned by the ratio of active power, automatically increasing machine solution column the standby shutdown and generator fault protection and other functions.
Cabinet contains the synchronizer, load distributor the PLG (alternative), high-quality electrical components and import or domestic brand air switch, copper and cabinet, etc. ... professional senior engineers optimize design from the device has a function complete, safe and reliable operation, easy maintenance, and so on.