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Perkins generator gas system

The main purpose of the gas system in the normal operation of hydrogen-cooled Perkins generator replenish working natural gas leakage losses of the cooling medium, which is to ensure the positive pressure in the Perkins generator housing, Perkins generation machine accident and downtime after the replacement of the cooling medium, while also serving as automatic monitoring, control and maintain the rated pressure of hydrogen purity and humidity, hydrogen-cooled Perkins gas generator system mainly consists of the following several parts: the gas distribution system, purification equipment systems, measurement, control and signal systems, security systems.

1, Gas distribution system. Nitrogen distribution system capacity of the power plant hydrogen production equipment should be based on hydrogen-

cooled Perkins generator type, number of units and the calculated volume of hydrogen to determine. The total capacity of the unit I 40OM W power plants, generally can be equipped with one or two groups a capacity of 4m '/ h of hydrogen production equipment. Hydrogen station must be

equipped with a sufficient number of of hydrogen hydrogen storage tank, so that the hydrogen production station failure or normal maintenance, to

ensure the normal hydrogen supply. Effective hydrogen storage tank capacity youngster requirements to meet the 10-day running complement the

amount of hydrogen and Replacement maximum capacity unit need pots with hydrogen, but the minimum capacity shall not be less than 3 X 10m '.

working pressure of 1 MPa hydrogen storage tank. the the Perkins generator cabinet following a gas control station controllers installed there into the

trachea. Mindanao from the hydrogen storage to the gas controllers often the control of dual-parent, two female pipe are connected with the valve

and the corresponding unit. Under normal circumstances, the use of the two main pipes for both hydrogen, and each other hydrogen supply of the

spare double-tube, without using a mother pipe for hydrogen, another root parent hydrogen supply pipe alternate single tube.

In the gas control station. Equipped with manual and automatic fill hydrogen device. Ordinary valves manually fill hydrogen device, because it is in

direct contact with hydrogen, and often open, so its sealing performance requirements are relatively high. Auto-fill hydrogen device is composed by

pressure relay and solenoid valve automatically for hydrogen equipment. Hydrogen in the enclosure is lower than the rated pressure relay is

connected to the circuit, so that the solenoid valve action, automatic machine complement hydrogen, simultaneously sends the signal of the hydrogen

pressure is too low. When the hydrogen pressure is higher than the rating of the cabinet, disconnect the circuit, the solenoid valve in the core by

gravity automatically fall, the valve is closed, also issued a high hydrogen pressure signal. Modern hydrogen-cooled Perkins generators oil seal of

hydrogen. Whose basic principle is to maintain a continuous thin film layer to prevent hydrogen leak out. Within the fixed portion and the shaft

portion of the gap between Europe, the oil again thereby thinning divided into two streams flow away, and rely on the hydraulic pressure

continuously into the sealing tile with the shaft of one flow to the nitrogen side, so that hydrogen gas leaked oil The pressure must be higher than the

hydrogen pressure flow to the air side (according to information on other shares. nitrogen may not seal in the seal oil pressure is higher than the

hydrogen pressure 0.016MPa run taking into account the margin of safety, sealing hydraulic general adjustment above the hydrogen pressure of

0.03-0. 08MPa), in order to maintain a continuous oil film. Oil flow at normal temperature and pressure, gas, the higher the hydrogen pressure

when the oil temperature of 60C, and the hydrogen side oil return IT IL / min, the hydrogen pressure of 0. 1MPa 0.0669m3 dissolved hydrogen

more hydrogen side return quantity greater nitrogen gas, can absorb a certain amount of hydrogen and air dissolved in the oil daily of oil discharged

with this must go through the addition to the hydrogen treatment, carried away by the more hydrogen. If re-enable or hydrogen into the oil system,

factors. Addition, the secondary air containing oil into the seal gap, so that the atmosphere within the enclosure decreased purity.

2, CO: distribution system
Co: Perkins generator when used as a replacement of the hydrogen charging and exhaust hydrogen gas. Before each replacement should be

equipped with a sufficient number of child CO =. The bottle of liquid Co: evaporated under atmospheric pressure to the volume l Om '. In the case

of a wide open state, and when the replacement is carried out in the operation, the required CO were approximately 1.5 times the volume of the

Perkins generator and 2.5 times. Replaced in the operation, due to the strong stirring and convection, a certain amount of CO: with the discharge of

the medium away, and therefore consume addressing large. Upon request, the co: The total reserves should be required to set to replace the

largest unit youngster three times.

CO: in the bottle is a liquid, the bottle is opened and evaporated into gaseous absorb large amounts of heat at the same time. The temperature and

pressure to cause the liquid CO: decline rapidly. If co: gas in quick succession leads to the co bottle may want to freeze. To prevent co: frozen, often

using the following two methods:

(1) Spray method. Sprinkler method of supplying the heat necessary for the evaporation of the liquid cot. If coZ bottom white membership (glazing)

must increase the amount of water spray, or temporarily stop using until hoarfrost disappeared. on glaucous coZ bottle and no danger, only reduced

supplying bottle liquid co surroundings, the amount of heat required.

(2) switching method. Due elicit CO: white frost appears on the bottle, you should stop using so hoarfrost alleviate, at the same time to open another

bottle of coZ, so that mutual switching used interchangeably.