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Perkins diesel generator assembly

Perkins diesel generator assembly is very fine, complex and extremely important to the assembly of a direct impact on the normal, reliable Perkins diesel generator. To this end, the assembly must be seriously in accordance with the technical requirements of the fitted process. Perkins diesel generator assembly soil technical requirements: maintain ended really tie between the relatively moving parts appropriate clearance; guarantee the reliability of fixed mechanical connection; timing accuracy accurate quantitative institutions; ensure the exercise machine pieces of dynamic equilibrium; guarantee that loaded the of unitary b established process fully clean.

First, the general assembly program
1. Assembly ready
Perkins diesel generator in the assembly ago, should intake manifold pad, Exhaust Manifold Gasket, cylinder head outlet pipe pads, the outlet pipe of the interface of the water pump and cylinder head gasket, asbestos paper, electric knives, wooden hammer, kilogram force wrench sleeve, open-end wrench, wrenches and other various components that all related parts and assembly all get ready, to prevent assembly missing the East less West, and strive to achieve the perfect. Should be cleaned, dust, rust, all clean.
? 2 parts assembly
Parts assembly parts in accordance with certain requirements of the assembly assembled into the assembly of parts or components.

3 - Assembly
The assembly is to each of the sub-components or parts in accordance with certain requirements and sequential, from the inside out for assembly. In the assembly process, pay attention to the relative position of the various parts, and with the gap and the oil, water tightness tests, such as cylinder, water pump and water Shantou tightness i soul picking.

4 assembly after inspection and adjustment
After final assembly of the valve clearance, valve timing, timing check and adjustment of fuel supply. End Rong said after the test machine.

Second, component assembly and requirements
Component assembly is a complex, fine work, and must not drain installation, the assembly with a torque should be appropriate. The following example explains as unitary already spit away 135 Series Perkins diesel generator and related requirements.

A cylinder head assembly of components
First To assemble the parts first petrol or diesel MHi, clean and well dried.

the cylinder head Celi, rub a small amount of oil will be loaded into the respective valve guides in the valve stem, and never able to engage in cylinder sequence reversed, which cylinder mount which cylinder. Demolished, should have shown a few cylinders.
cylinder head flat on the wood or proprietary workbench spring air lock installed, then the valve spring in turn put away, then put away the spring Theravada turn spring attendance, with special tools to press, and put on the gas door locks folder after the demolition of special tools.
valve is installed, but also carefully check the lock clip is installed. installed valve assembly of the fuel injector. First, apply a small amount of oil or butter in the injector gasket, then the gasket is placed in the dual pieces, slow to diffuse into the injector hole. Note tightening pavilion staggered and are also torque unified assembly nut is not too tight - as with a torque of 1.5 kgf m about.
U as a mountain is installed, look with a feeler amount of fuel injectors pin hole center to the cylinder cover the distance of the bottom plane of the ordinary Perkins diesel generator for 1.5-2.Omm supercharger for the 2.5-3mma

2 confidant of the piston rod assembly
piston rod assembly Hu H wash and blow dry.
will eliminate a good washing piston on the oil in the force! Proud to around 100 , remove the piston, in a timely manner to the piston pin into the piston pin hole and rod small end teeth L. If you forget the relative position of the bulk of the pit, you can view other diesel sweeping U parent to find information in the assembly process, pay attention to the relative position of the top of the piston valve pit and connecting rod incision. The 12-cylinder V-type Perkins diesel generator piston and connecting rod assembly direction opposite to the line Perkins diesel generator.
Do not forget assembly lock spring the assembly Yeon tongue plug link rear.
piston cooling, re-use special tools to piston rings turn installed. Remove the piston assembly in the actual operation, the position of each channel ring record is good, install a new ring modeled on the old ring assembly sequence assembly.
loaded connecting rod connecting rod bearing hole, pay attention to the new bearing can be used interchangeably, but used the bush does not allow interchangeable.