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HGM6210 Genset Controller

  • Product Brand:ETONE / Smartgen
  • Product Model:HGM6210
  • Product Description:

Product Description

HGM6200 series Genset controller integrating digital, intelligent and network techniques is used for automatic control system of diesel generator. It can carry out functions including automatic start/shutdown, data measure and alarming. The controller uses LCD display, optional Chinese, English, and Spanish, display interface with operation easy and reliable.

HGM6200 series Genset controller uses micro-processing technique which can carry out precision measure, constant value adjustment, timing and threshold setting and etc. function, but most widely controller parameters can be adjusted from controller front panel, or use the PC through programming interface, also can use a PC via RS485 interface and monitoring. Its compact structure, simple wiring and high reliability, can be widely applied to various types of generating units automation system.

performance and characteristics


HGM6200 series controller has four types:

HGM6210/6210C:?Automatic Start Module, it controls generator to start/stop by remote start signal;

HGM6220/6220C:?Based on HGM6110/6110C and add mains AC monitoring, Mains/Generator Automatic Mains Failure functions (AMF), especially suitable for the automation control system composed by Mains and Generator.

Its main features are as follows:

Using microprocessor as a core, graphics LCD with big screen and backlight, display between Chinese, English, and Spanish, key touch for operation;

Have a RS485 port, can used for communicate with PC;

Measure and display 3 phase voltage, 3 phase current, frequency, power etc. parameter;

Mains have over voltage, under voltage, loss phase function; Generators have over voltage, under voltage, over frequency, under frequency, over current function;

Power on mode can select: Shutdown mode, Manual mode, Automatic mode;

Double temperature double oil pressure sensor input;

Control protection: Automatic start/stop, load transfer and alarming of generator;

With ETS solenoid hold, idle control, pre-heat control, raise speed control function, and equal to relay output;

Controllers have the historical records, real-time clock, and scheduler run (PC) function.

Parameters setting: Allow user to modify setting and store them inside internal FLASH memory, the parameters can not be lost even with power down. Most of parameters can be set from the front panel, or be set by PC used SG72;

Three channel analog inputs, may joint with Resistive-type temperature/ pressure/ fuel level sensors, several temperature and pressure sensors can be used directly (ie. VDO, DATCON, CUMMINS), also may select “user defined” sensor via entering 8 point curves;

Display of generator cumulated electric energy;

Security password-protected programming levels;

Several crank success conditions are optional;

Built-in speed/frequency detecting units can accurately judge the states such as crank success and over speed;

Power supply range is wide, accommodating to different starting battery voltage environments;

All parameters use digital modulation, abandoning analog modulation using conventional electronic potentiometer, reliability and stability are increased;

Modular configuration design, Flame Retardant ABS plastic shell, inserted type connection terminals, flush type installation, compact structure, easy installation


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