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5000 Series High Frequency Online UPS

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ET3K High Frequency Online UPS:

1. Advance Digital Control Technology, DSP
DSP uses advanced digital control technology as the core, so that the performance of UPS is more stable, more efficient, more energy saving.

2. User-friendly LCD Interface
With both Chinese and English language of LCD display, it will show the UPS working status by the figures or code directly. And it could be estimated the failure causes, location quickly by reference of fault information polling list, which will make the UPS maintenances much more convenient.
3. Intelligent Adjustable Output Voltage Features
The UPS systems working condition of output voltage, operation mode, LVDS2 can be set through display panel directly. It could identify input voltage, frequency automatically, and output voltage can be set for 208V, 220V, 230V, 240V by the panel. This UPS can be used in all the network system of around 220V of the world.
4. Cold-start Function
With DC cold-start function, it could use the battery to start UPS directly in case of the absence of electricity, it will be ready to meet the user's needs at any time.
5. High-reliability Parallel Redundancy Technology
N+X parallel redundancy technology means that there will be a UPS Unit providing protection for the key load at any time. When any unit of the system was failure, the UPS could provide the high quality power to the key loads from the other additional 

one UPS. This technology will make the system more reliable.

Applied Scope:
Data Processing Center
National Defense System
Office Automation
Telecom System
Network Rooms
Education System
Medical Equipment
Financial System
Securities System

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