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AVR Product details

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AVR Product details

Product Description:

Avr Product details

My company is the latest in a specific order by integrated circuit to control the number of thyristor zero voltage switching, to change the size of the compensation voltage and polarity, is a thyristor AC switching transformer technology and the perfect combination of technology. Using high power thyristor ( SCR ) instead of mechanically with a brush to control the voltage, capacity can be achieved 2000KVA, compensation range up to± 50%, efficiency can reach above 99%, is the leading power regulator development direction for product, is energy-saving green products, with all the protection functions, reliable operation extra strong, adaptability. Realize the non-contact voltage, with stable performance, high efficiency, voltage regulator is provided with a filtering device no pollution to electric network, in all kinds of bad network and complex load reliably under continuous work, long service life, can continuous failure-free operation for more than 100000 hours, achieved a regulator of long-term maintenance-free.

 Its main features are:

( 1), quick response speed, the input voltage fluctuation, 40ms can stably output normal voltage;

( 2), running without noise, transformer without significant temperature rise, efficiency can reach above 99%;

( 3), voltage adjustment process without distortion, no instant power-off phenomenon;

( 4), three-phase all adjustable, in input low voltage, but also can guarantee the full load operation;

( 5), high voltage stabilizing precision, can achieve± 2~3%;

( 6), can be equipped with remote control interface, can be equipped with large capacity of the United States of America JOSLYN lightning surge protective device, can be equipped with 

two or three stage filter; can be equipped with power supply automatic switching device, can be equipped with automatic bypass device, can add the output multiplex control switch.

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