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Generator can reverse power run

DATE:2019/6/24 14:28:14 HITS:356

Generator reverse power protection function is to prevent the prime mover lost power, the power system down to the generator to send power. After the power change in direction, the generator becomes a motor from issuing power becomes absorbed power. Thus very fast by here the power conversion on the prime mover to generate a reverse torque, the damage to the prime mover, and unnecessary power consumption at the same time due to the rotational speed of the prime mover.

         In principle, the diesel generator reverse power running. In practice, however, the run-time of the reverse power generator became motor, not only the electricity feed went out to go his own consumption, but its also the use of the electric grid. The inverse power operation for a long period of time it may cause the winding burned. Thus, in normal circumstances, shall not reverse power generator for a long time to run.

         Large generating units generally installed in two separate sets of reverse power protection devices, procedures tripping reverse power and simple inverse of electrical power protection to limit the size of the generator reverse power. Generally no more than about 10% of the rated active power.
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