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Generators need to pay attention

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It should be noted that the use of generators, security issues are as follows.

     1 use of occasions
(1) The generator should be placed in a well-ventilated place outdoors or in the engine room, not close to the doors, windows and vents to avoid carbon monoxide into the interior.
(2) shall not be used in the vicinity of flammable and explosive material generator.
(3) Generators should be placed in a dry place, open-air installation to use if you need, you must use a canopy-style building block to prevent contact accident occurs due to moisture.
(4) Do not use a portable generator indoors, such as a garage, carport, basement and closed occasion. In these situations, using a portable generator, even if the windows are open, or mechanical ventilation, and can not prevent the accumulation of carbon monoxide in the indoor, may result in carbon monoxide poisoning caused by the fire, or even cause an electric shock.

      2 Storage and use of fuel
(1) generator fuel should be stored in a dedicated warehouse, library facilities must comply with the provisions of the fire department.
(2) the type of fuel used consistent with requirements in the manual or label on the generator.
(3) not endure too much fuel in the generator, gasoline generator sets, if unused time may be up to 30 days, you should add a gasoline stabilizer to prevent gasoline evaporation caused the accident.
(4) Add fuel before, you should turn off the generator to be the generator cooling and then added, in order to prevent gasoline getting to the fire in the high temperature mechanical parts, resulting in disaster.

      3 line connection
(1) outdoor line specifications must meet the requirements of the electrical load.
(2) When using longer wires to confirm good between its insulation.
(3) the outlet of the generator is not plugged directly into the original residential power outlet power supply, it will form a feedback may cause electric shock accident powered by the same transformer. Correct connection by an electrician install a power transfer switch.
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