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Four stages of introduction of the diesel generator

DATE:2019/6/24 14:29:16 HITS:366

The combustion process of the diesel generators are generally divided into the ignition delay period, the quick-fire for a period of slow burning period and after the fire for a period of four stages.
The ignition delay period starting from the fuel is sprayed into the fire, after spraying during heating evaporation, diffusion, mixing and initial oxidation of a series of physical and chemical preparation process. It is an important parameter in the combustion process has a direct impact on the combustion characteristics of the exothermic process.
Spray fuel into the combustion chamber during the ignition delay period, almost at the same time during the rapid burning burning, so the high rate of heat, pressure rise particularly fast.
Slow burning stage of the combustion of the fuel depending on the speed of mixing. Therefore, to enhance the combustion chamber of the air turbulence and accelerate the air and fuel mixture to ensure the fuel in the upper dead point near the rapid and complete combustion has an important role.
Mixing and combustion of the Diesel time is very short, so that some fuel is not burned near TDC timely late onto the expansion stroke the heat released can not be fully utilized, the combustion of the fuel in the after burning period and should be avoided.
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