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Small power generator sets shall be subject to the standard

DATE:2019/6/24 14:28:55 HITS:351

Use a small generator sets must be noted that the top five issues and explain, to help people better understand the latest information.
       The minor merits generator set and gasoline generator sets, precautions in use:

     (1) The working environment
      The working environment temperature, humidity must meet the requirements.

     (2) Oil
      Fuel models should be consistent with the provisions of, the generator should be used to use the oil recommended in the manual or the label on.

     (3) Capacity
       Should be properly connected load, do not overload operation.

     (4) the type of load
      Note that the load carried by type generator with a capacitive load or inductive load power factor correction must be added.

     (5) anomalies
         Attention anomalies such as temperature, sound, and found that the issue should be down to check.
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