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Diesel generator Model Meaning

DATE:2019/6/24 14:30:59 HITS:360

Generator set professional information reported: Each product has its own unique model, the characteristics of each model are not the same. Order to facilitate the management and use of production, state the name and model of the diesel generator set compilation method unified regulations, the units of the Model row
Columns and symbols have the following meanings
1 --- rated output power (KW), use numerals.
Types of output voltage 2 --- G on behalf of the AC power frequency; P representatives from IF; S exchanged dual-band; Z behalf of DC.
3 --- type of generator sets; F represents land use; the FC behalf Marine; Q representing car use; T on behalf of their trailers.
4 --- control features, the absence of manual (ordinary type) units; Z on behalf of the automation unit; S on behalf of low-noise units; SZ automatically on behalf of low-noise
Of the unit.
5 --- design No numerals.
6 --- variant letters and numerals.
7 --- environmental characteristics, the absence of a common type; TH represents the damp-heat.
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