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Silent generator sets are widely used because

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Silent generator sets commonly used as a power generation equipment, closed diesel generator sets with high reliability, long life, quiet, environmentally friendly, easy to operate and maintenance convenience features, in construction, mining, communications, power, defensewidely used in such diverse areas as engineering, industrial plant.

1, Mute unit widely used certainly can not be separated from its excellent performance. Closed-end unit has the following characteristics:
(1) excellent field work performance, can adapt to harsh environments, the built-in large-capacity fuel tank, easy to transport;
(2) excellent noise reduction apparatus;
(3) High reliability;
(4) high-security;
(5) ease of moving.

2, silent type generator set product update cycle is shorter. Open the main unit as a backup power supply in indoor environments, lower frequency of use, continuous operation time is shorter, the update cycle is generally 10 to 15 years, while the closed-end unit is generally outdoors (Usually, the operating environment is relatively poor) to use , the high frequency of use, often for a long time or even around the clock continued to run the update cycle is generally 5-7 years.

3, silent type generator set with outstanding environmental performance. With the progress of society, people increasingly high requirements of environmental protection and policy tendentious closed units due to the release of low noise pollution will be more favored by customers.

4, the diversity of silent type generator set operating environment. With the continuous expansion of the diesel generator set applications, the operating environment is increasingly complex and diverse, the closed-end unit easy to move the excellent characteristics of the continuous stable operation in a variety of complex environments, and both fixed use, scope of use will be more broad.

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