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The power gap still existing electricity tension on a

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" Electricity tension relief is temporary ", national grid internal to the China Securities Journal said, because hydroelectric power, central China, East China power gap narrowed only temporarily, the local region larger power supply gap. But the personage points out, with the peak summer peak season, 30000000 of the power gap still exists, the situation did not resolve the shortage.

Hydropower " awesome "

" Electricity tension suspended with the price increases not much relationship ", Huaneng Group insiders, even in the price increases before the group of thermal power units, still running at full capacity, equipment utilization hours increased steadily.

Previously, the NDRC to raise electrovalency industry had pointed out, price hike to curb the high energy consumption enterprises expansion, development and Reform Commission explicitly forbidden to high energy-consuming enterprises preferential tariff. The shortage of temporary solution, some people think that control the demand side effects.

According to the ITU, 1-5 month, send electricity consumption continued rapid growth, but growth ring than a slight drop in May. China Electricity Council statistics department director Xue Jing said, price increase of high energy-consuming inhibition is short-term inside cannot reflect the current electricity, tension is the main reason to stay in the middle and lower Yangtze River basin hydropower equipment utilization hours can be improved, the other because of rain, cool reason, air-conditioning use rate is relatively low, residential electricity demand drop.

In May the middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River after the big drought, medium electric couplet data shows, May average utilization hours of hydropower equipment in recent years for the lowest level. But since June, the southern provinces gradually into the flood season, droughts and floods, caused by drought in major reservoirs because of insufficient power generation water leap, hydropower unit utilization hours rebounded to a certain extent alleviate the current shortage of pressure.

" Electric shortage " still

Although electricity tensions temporarily, but the consensus that, by the power of electricity "Yingshang " handicap, once the temperature rise, less rain, periods of electricity will come again.

National Grid said, power supply gap is a short-term phenomenon, with the peak summer peak season, previously expected 30000000 kilowatt power gap still exists.

According to the electric power industry survey, 1-5 month, Huaneng, Datang, Huadian, China electric power generation group, the CLP five thermal power production and the loss of 12160000000 yuan, an increase of 7860000000 yuan loss. "The increase in coal prices remain fundamental reason ", in electric couplet thinks, the group of five generation management sustained difficulties, to meet summer peak electricity supply security of the larger risk.

According to Zhang Shumin of division of total economy of China Electric Group, although the State Development and Reform Commission since April raised part of the online electrovalency of power enterprises, but average per unit of electricity is also a loss of 5 cents, thermal power enterprises enthusiasm did not mobilize.

And for the second half of the year the country will continue to increase price, Zhang Shumin cannot fathom, but he also believes that the inflation pressure rising short-term price increases are less likely to. A securities industry researcher also pointed out that, years mainly depends on whether the coal electricity price is raised up to continue, but it is worth noting that, at present the power coal while maintaining high, but growth has been weak.

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