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Diesel engine starting when the crankshaft rotation of the mechanical fault diagnosis and solution

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At the start of the engine starting system, in good condition, if the transmission in neutral position, press start switch, starter having noise and crankshaft can not rotate, belonging to the mechanical fault. Cause engine crankshaft rotation of the causes and diagnostic and repair methods are as follows.

One, causing malfunction reason

①starter and flywheel gear side. The ring gear and the gear of the starter for starting the engine will collide, causing damage to the teeth or teeth single sided wear. If the teeth more than three consecutive damaged or badly worn, starter gear and ring gear teeth to mesh.

The viscoelastic cylinder. The engine temperature is too high, to stop the flame, heat is dissipated, high temperature of piston ring and cylinder adhesions, after cooling can not start.

The crankshaft locking. Due to the lubrication system failure or lack of oil caused by the sliding bearing friction, eventually locked crank to start.

The fuel injection pump plunger die.

Two, fault diagnosis and repair method

If there are more than three consecutive flywheel damage to teeth, and teeth with starter just opposite will lead to two, not engaging gear. In this state, only the crowbar pry the flywheel rotate an angle, then press start button to start smoothly. The damaged flywheel teeth, the general use of welding repair.

The ring gear is loosened from the flywheel starter installation opening confirmation. If the ring gear loose, it needs to change a new one. When in installation, first gear placed in the heating box heating, and then while pressing on the flywheel, after cooling can be fixed to the flywheel.

The ring gear tooth unilateral severe wear, but the ring gear reduction, before and after the end of turn, and then mounted on the flywheel on the use of.

④after checking gear normal, starting when the flywheel does not rotate, it should be regarded as the engine of internal fault, such as crankshaft locking, piston cylinder sticking, clutch card lag, which should be observed. Can check the clutch with or without damage is stuck, then check the fuel injection pump plunger is clamped inside the engine and is free of foreign matter such as fault.

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