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High-voltage Energy Saver KH-GY

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  • Transformation for rural power grid to regulate voltage and reduce losses.

  • Improve voltage qualified rate for power grid.

  • Reduce electric energy loss for power grid.

  • Improve the reactive power compensation capacity of the power grid and increase the capacitor input rate.

  • Filter out harmonics and purify the power grid.

  • Online on-load regulating voltage function: adjusted manually or automatically by preset.

  • Filter function for reactance: with a reactance coil inside the high-voltage energy saver, which is connected in series in the high-voltage line, and has the function of filtering harmonics.

  • Balance function for phase: inner coil is wound by a special winding method and the balance phase is wound.

  • Increase the power factor of the grid and increase the capacity of the distribution transformer.

  • Small self-loss: compared with its own loss and energy saving effect, self-loss is negligible.

  • Power-saving effect is between 6% and 35% under different power-saving loads. Widely used in power grid loss modification and enterprise power-saving renovation projects, and the market demand is extremely large.

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