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High-voltage Cabinet
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Outdoor Switch Box (Switching Station)

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Power distribution device with single busbar or single busbar section of 3.6~12kV. Mainly used for power distribution of industrial and mining enterprises, power transmission of secondary substation and motor starting of large-scale high-voltage, to control, protect and monitor power distribution system under normal operation and accident conditions.

Enclosure is made of stainless steel, sprayed with DuPont automotive paint, and advanced enamel paint process, which is of strong corrosion resistance and mechanical strength.

Configuring SF6 fully insulated, semi-insulated load switchgear, vacuum load switchgear, or medium voltage switchgear cabinets such as fixed, removable, etc. It can be equipped with electric operation equipment, remote control, FTU/RTU and other distribution automation equipment, and has a variety of ring network power distribution combination options.

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